Amy Stevenson

Where it all started…

My passion for creating and designing started from a very early age. I would spend hours collecting flowers for pressing or making perfume and constructing daisy chains for my family. Childhood weekends by the Norfolk coast opened my eyes to the serene beauty dotted along the shore. I would collect and fill jars with foraged shells, driftwood and jewels of weathered coloured glass. Little did I know that these discoveries would be my passion and inspiration 20 years on and enlighten me even today.


Training at Sheffield Hallam University for my degree in Silversmithing and Jewellery Design made me nostalgic but this is where my childhood passions shone…producing designs inspired by and integrating nature. I longed to capture an element of ‘home’ in my work, then one weekend while taking a family walk through Holme woods, I was inspired.

silver birch rings

Holme Fen found south of Peterborough is believed to be the lowest point in Great Britain and contains the largest concentration of silver birch trees in the lowlands. Amazed by its intriguing pattern and malleability the bark of the Silver Birch trees became the foundation of a complete collection of unusual and enchanting statement pieces of jewellery.


The end…or should this be the start!

Years sail by, work evolves, new discoveries and people are made…I sit in my fenland studio over looking Holme Woods, Cambridgeshire, gaze up at the ‘big sky’ of the fens, watch gracious Red Kites fly overhead while keeping a watchful eye on my growing family… inspiration is right at my finger tips, made during everyday life which I now transform into beautiful pieces of sterling silver jewellery.

Amy Stevenson